Insulation of a masonry wall – dry method

U=0,18 W/(m2*K), Rt=5,6 (m2*K)/W

Insulation of a masonry wall with the "light dry" method consists in laying two layers of VestaEco boards without the use of glue or water-based mortars. The first layer is made of VestaEco WALL board installed between the timber studs. The second layer is made of VestaEco PROTECT W rigid insulation sheathing covered with bitumen barrier. Fixing of the boards should be made with the use of screws and staples. This method enables conducting of thermal insulation works in the winter season.

Layers description:
  1. Wooden cladding
  2. Timber battens
  3. VestaEco PROTECT W 30 mm
  4. Timber substructure
  5. VestaEco WALL 120 mm
  6. Aerated concrete block wall 240 mm
  7. Wkrętmet WKTHERM-S screws 8 pieces/m2

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