Insulation of a ventilated timber frame wall

U=0,19 W/(m2*K), Rt=5,3 (m2*K)/W

Insulation of a ventilated timber frame wall consists in filling the voids between the frame studs with VestaEco CELL or VestaEco FIBRA wool and sheathing the wall with VestaEco PROTECT W rigid insulation board finished with a bitumen barrier. Vapor-permeable board facilitates the outflow of moisture through the ventilation cavity. Fixing of the boards to the frame studs should be made with building nails or staples. 

Layers description:
  1. Wooden cladding
  2. Timber battens
  3. VestaEco PROTECT W 30 mm
  4. VestaEco CELL / FIBRA 180 mm
  5. Timber frame structure
  6. Structural board
  7. VestaEco V vapor barrier
  8. VestaEco LDF 30 mm

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