Why VestaEco board is better than other insulation materials?

VestaEco insulation board has a thermal conductivity coefficient like other insulation materials, however in contrast to styrofoam it is vapour-permeable and it allows it to regulate the building’s interiors micro climate. It has higher thermal capacity than mineral wool, which helps VestaEco to provide better protection against cold in winter and heat in summer. High thermal capacity means that more energy must be used to change the temperature of the material. VestaEco board improves thermal inertia of buildings erected in wooden frame technology, as well as the acoustic properties of envelopes.

How VestaEco products take care about the health of my family?

VestaEco products are manufactures using natural lignocellulosic fibres found in annual plants and are combined using dry heat press technology with a new generation of zero-emission binders. It means that there is no need to use formaldehyde, phenols and acrylic compounds, as well as synthetic dyes or other chemical additives. Such resource improves air quality inside the building and does not cause allergies.

Is VestaEco board resistant to moisture and moulds?

Water absorbability of VestaEco insulation board is very low thanks to the resin combining the fibres, and a diffusion open structure ensures the transfer of sorption moisture to the outside of the building Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, a properly mounted board remains dry, which ensured thermal insulation of the building and does not create suitable conditions for moulds to grow.

To what extent VestaEco boards insulate against noise?

Foam-like structure of the lignocellulosic fibres and high density of the material mean that sound waves are being retained inside the material. It leaves the interior of the house well protected against noises. VestaEco boards are an excellent insulation against both airborne and impact sounds, that is why they are a perfect fit for an underlay for floating floors.

Are special tools or materials needed to mount VestaEco products?

VestaEco boards can be mounted using widely available hand or mechanical tools. Materials which are used to mount the boards are similar to those used when installing high density mineral wool boards. The structure of the material means that losses connected with waste can be reduced to minimum by using even small fragments of a board. The board has a nice feel to touch, less dusty and has a delicate, natural scent. Should you have any questions in regard to the mounting, please contact our Technical Department.

Is VestaEco board fire resistant?

VestaEco insulation board is an organic material and has E fire classification. It means that the material is flammable but it can resist to a small fire for a limited time. Fire resistance classification of an envelope insulated with the use of a VestaEco board can be increased by the use of a mineral plaster or a drywall.

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