DefibraTech 1.0 technology

The use of agricultural biomass to manufacture the dry-formed boards is the key advantage of DefibraTech 1.0. Low density boards can be used as insulation, i.e. external thermal insulation of various premises protecting them, among others, against changes caused by atmospheric conditions. Specific properties of the product allow it to protect buildings against overheating during summer and excessive cooling during winter. 

Moreover, the building material of each board is capable of effective insulating against noises, which means that the penetration of high-pitched noises from external sources is greatly reduced.The use of lignocellulosic fibres obtained from annual crops along with processed cellulose fibres increases the cohesion of the fibrous pulp, which in turn has a positive impact on the physical and mechanical properties of the boards. Low temperature hydrothermal processing of the lignocellulosic and cellulose fibres is a far less energy consuming process than defibering wood or minerals. It means that the production process uses less energy and the manufacturing costs are lower.


The innovative technology DefibreaTech 1.0 is protected by an European patent (EPO), to which VestaEco has exclusive right.

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