Blowing machine dedicated to VestaEco FIBRA insulation.


Blowing machine dedicated to VestaEco FIBRA insulation. TAJFUN UNI is a machine of high performance, dedicated to the pneumatic transport of loose-fill materials. Specially adjusted operating parameters make it ideal for both large facilities, because of the possibility of transporting the material even at high levels and long distance, as well as smaller ones such as family houses or renovations. Easy to use and transport, and low failure mean that TAJFUN UNI is the most commonly used machine by many contractors.

Product advantages:

  • High-performance
  • Versatility
  • Simple and easy use
  • Mobility
  • Precise and smooth control of the fan
  • Easy to clean and maintain on the construction site
  • Silent operation
  • Remote control

Technical parameters

performance60 m3 or 750 kg/h
weight161 kg
blower motor2800 W
power1100 W
power supply230 V / 50 Hz, 16 A
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