Insulation of a masonry wall – dry method

U=0,18 W/(m2*K), Rt=5,6 (m2*K)/W

Insulation of a masonry wall with the "light dry" method consists in laying two layers of VestaEco boards without the use of glue or water-based mortars. The first layer is made of VestaEco FLEX board installed between the timber studs. The second layer is made of VestaEco LDF rigid insulation sheathing covered with a wind barrier. Fixing of the boards should be made with the use of screws and staples. This method enables conducting of thermal insulation works in the winter season.

Layer description:
  1. Wooden cladding
  2. Timber battens
  3. VestaEco LDF 30 mm covered with a wind barrier
  4. Timber substructure
  5. VestaEco FLEX 100 mm
  6. Aerated concrete block wall 240 mm
  7. Wkrętmet WKTHERM-S screws 8 pieces/m2

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