Pitched roof insulation

U=0,15 W/(m2*K), Rt=6,5 (m2*K)/W

Insulation of a pitched roof consists in filling the voids between rafters with VestaEco FLEX or FIBRA wool. Then the rafters are covered with VestaEco LDF UNI or THERM rigid insulation boards. From the inside the rafters are covered with VestaEco V vapor barrier. The VestaEco pitched roof insulation system ensures very low thermal conductivity coefficient, elimination of cold bridges on rafters as well as protection against attic overheating in summer.

Layer description:
  1. VestaEco LDF 15 mm on substructure every 30 cm
  2. VestaEco V vapor barrier
  3. Rafters
  4. VestaEco FLEX / FIBRA 200 mm
  5. VestaEco LDF UNI / THERM, 600x2400 mm
  6. Wkrętmet WKCP 8,0 x 180 carpentry screws every 60 cm
  7. Counter battens 80 x 40 mm
  8. Battens
  9. Roof membrane Eurovent SUPER 170 g/m2
  10. Roofing

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